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Green Hearts Therapy Center

Green Heart Therapy Center was established in 2008 and is dedicated to provide innovative and best traditional Thai foot and body reflexology therapy in state of art facility serving all foreign and Nepalese client at value price. Our therapist trained by the experienced Japanese trainer, trained from WAT PO (traditional Thai Massage School) in Thailand. Their expert hands and skill therapy sessions will enhance your physical well being and in long run, helps to cure physical and mental chronic, ailment, diseases. Thai people believe that human body possesses a virtual line of physical and mental well being called SEN, a synonym of NADI in eastern yoga system physical and mental disbalance in human being result in root cause of diseases, illness affecting SEN defined as TSUBO.

The thai body and foot reflexology system preseing key nubs thus brings back SEN in its utmost well being eliminating TSUBO. Pain felt instantaneously result in ultimate relief and relaxation.

60 min...............Rs 1000 (full body short course)
90 min...............Rs 1400 (full body short course)
120 min.............Rs 1800 (full body special course)
Reflexology combine course also available



Reflexology has long cherished age old history and success, back to 5000 years in china, its main objective is to keep healthy SEN the life line of physical and mental health, purifies blood.

Reflexology system is popular globally to name few countries - US. England. China, Thailand, Taiwan.

Thai Foot Reflexology:

Thai foot reflexology is the reflexology of the lower legs and the feet and also involves stretching of hands and other body part to open SEN (enerygy) lines, along with the use of a stick to simulate the reflex points on the feel, Which correspond to the internal organs giving the receiver an holistic treatment.

45 min.........Rs 800 (lower legs and feet short course)
60 min.........Rs 1000 (standard course up to knee)
90 min.........Rs 1400 (special course up to knee)
Thai body massage combine course also available

Taiwanese Foot Reflexology:
Taiwanese foot reflexology system stimulates the reflex areas in the foot to adjust bodily function improve blood circulation and metabolism.
45 min.......Rs 800 (standard course up to knee)
60 min.......Rs 1000 (special course up to knee)
Thai body massage combine course also available.

Benefits of Thai massage:

1. Help release chronic tension and pain
2. Increase flexibility
3. Reduce mental and physical, fatigue stress and anxiety
4. Improve posture
5. Reduce blood pressure
6. Promote sleep
7. Improve concentration
8. Bring balance to the mind and body
9. Connect to inner self and sprit.

Our Social Responsibility:

Green Hearts Therapy Center provides certain percent of income to support children from poor and backward society through Harima Education Support Center, Sanepa to being with and expect to widen our scope of social responsibilities through support other various social projects.

Opening Hours
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Please visit us

Green Hearts Therapy Center
P O Box No. 12707, kathmandu
A-One Business Complex, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel: 977-9841233342

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